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Asbestos advice for DIYers

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One in three homes contains asbestos

Fixing up your place? Follow three simple steps to be asbestos ready


Is your home built before 1990? Asbestos was used in over 3000 building materials and you can’t tell just by looking at them. Use our asbestos checker to help identify where asbestos can be found in your home.

Step 2 — Plan ahead

Asbestos is dangerous when disturbed, so you shouldn’t remove it yourself. Fibres from disturbed, damaged or deteriorating asbestos are easily inhaled and can be a health risk. Planning ahead for asbestos will keep you safe and avoid any project delays or cost blow outs. If you’re engaging tradespeople, ask them about an asbestos contingency plan.

Step 3 — Get a professional

Please don’t risk your health or anyone else’s. A licensed asbestos professional will provide advice on how to protect everyone’s health and help you to proceed safely.

Find your nearest licensed asbestos professional