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One in three homes contains asbestos

Renovations, big or small? Follow three simple steps to be asbestos ready.

Free Asbestos Awareness and Safety short course

Keep safe from asbestos exposure with NSW Government's free online Asbestos Awareness and Safety course, until 13 June 2024.

This 2.5 hour course will help you recognise and manage the risks.
Material containing asbestos

What does asbestos look like?

It comes in a range of forms, colours and textures. You can't tell by looking if a material contains asbestos. Use our Asbestos Checker for asbestos containing materials
A rock on the ground with visible lines of asbestos in natural form.

How can I remove asbestos safely?

Find licensed asbestos removalists and licensed NSW landfills for removal and disposal under the NSW Code of Practice.
A professional removalist wearing protective gear removing super six sheeting
Professional removalists wrapping and sealing asbestos waste in plastic sheets.

Do you need PPE to handle asbestos?

If you need to handle asbestos, have the right protective gear. Check you've got the right PPE.
Doctor reviewing a lung x ray

Can asbestos damage your health?

There is no known safe level of asbestos exposure. Asbestos can cause serious health conditions.
Dumped asbestos wrapped in black plastic in an area marked off with hazard tape

Who do I contact about asbestos?

Find a licensed asbestos professional or disposal site, and where to report asbestos.
Inside a commercial building being renovated

Think there’s asbestos on your work site?

See what asbestos on site could look like if you’re doing building work.

NSW laws and guidelines

Keep up with the latest NSW asbestos laws, regulations and guidelines.

Find NSW asbestos disposal sites

Understand what you can and can't take to your nearest disposal facility before you visit.