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How to safely remove asbestos

We strongly recommend you use a licensed asbestos removalist to remove asbestos. 

A licensed asbestos removalist knows how to safely remove and dispose of asbestos, then decontaminate your property to minimise health risks

If you choose unlicensed asbestos removal in your own home, you must follow strict safety procedures before, during, and after removal.  

Anyone paid to work on your property must follow the legal requirements around asbestos removal including a strict Code of Practice and all Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) laws. 

Unlicensed asbestos removal

Thinking about removing asbestos yourself? Find out how much asbestos you can remove.
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Do I have to remove asbestos in my home? 

Asbestos-containing materials that aren’t weathered or broken are low risk. Keep an eye on the asbestos materials, they may need to be removed as they age.  

How do I remove asbestos if I am a tradesperson or paid handyperson? 

If you find asbestos on a job site, you must comply with WHS laws

This means that without a license:

Use a licensed asbestos removalist for any amount of friable asbestos. 

There is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos, so your safety, planning and processes are critical. 

How do I plan and prepare for asbestos removal if I am doing it myself? 

Create an asbestos removal plan before you start any unlicensed asbestos removal work.  

Anyone hired to work on your property must follow the asbestos removal Code of Practice and WHS laws. We recommend that you follow these laws if you remove your own asbestos to protect yourself and everyone around you. 

What should I wear when removing asbestos? 

Wear the right personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of asbestos fibres and protect everyone’s health.  

How do I decontaminate after removing asbestos? 

Follow decontamination steps, including wiping down dust and removing your contaminated PPE. 

Where do I dispose of asbestos waste? 

You must take asbestos waste to a landfill that’s licensed to accept it. Contact the landfill before you go, to check procedures.  

Steps for asbestos removal


Asbestos assessor onsite making notes on a clipboard

Planning starts by finding out where asbestos is on your property. Have a licensed asbestos assessor inspect your property and give you a report. 

What to plan

Using personal protective equipment (PPE)

Close up of man wearing overalls, gloves and mask

Wearing the right PPE protects your health when working with asbestos.

What PPE to wear


Professional removalists wrapping and sealing asbestos waste in plastic sheets.

After asbestos removal, the work area must be decontaminated to remove dust and stop asbestos fibres from spreading in the air.

How to decontaminate


You can only dispose of asbestos waste at a licensed landfill that manages asbestos away from the community. Contact your nearest site to confirm they accept asbestos and ask about disposal processes.


How to dispose of asbestos