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Reporting asbestos

Illegal dumping of asbestos can damage the environment and threaten human health.

Report illegally dumped asbestos to the NSW EPA.

A licensed removalist must dispose of asbestos at a licensed waste facility.

Dumping asbestos is illegal

Contact local landfill sites to confirm asbestos waste rules.
Dumped asbestos wrapped in black plastic in an area marked off with hazard tape

Do I need to report asbestos in my home?

If you have asbestos on your property and it is not damaged, you don’t need to do anything. Leave asbestos-containing materials alone if they are in good condition.

If there is damage or you’re renovating, a licensed asbestos professional can identify the asbestos and manage its removal.

Do I need to report asbestos in my commercial property?

You must have an Asbestos Register if your commercial property was built before 2004.

You need to show the register to anyone working on your property if they ask.

How do I report illegal dumping of asbestos?

Call the NSW EPA Environment line on 131 555.