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Disposing of asbestos waste

You can only dispose of asbestos waste at a landfill that’s licensed to accept it. Contact your nearest landfill site to confirm they accept asbestos and ask about disposal processes. Using a licensed landfill keeps asbestos in a well-managed space and away from the community. 

We strongly recommend using a licensed asbestos removalist to remove and dispose of asbestos waste.

Find an asbestos disposal site

Check for your nearest NSW waste facilities that accept household asbestos from the public. Always phone first to check they can accept the asbestos or make a booking.
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Tracking of asbestos waste 

If you’re disposing of over 100 kilograms or 10 square metres of asbestos waste from your home and are transporting it yourself, you must use the disposing of household asbestos form to notify the EPA within 24 hours after you’ve delivered the load. You only need to notify the EPA after you’ve actually transported the asbestos waste.

Complete the form

If a licensed contractor is transporting over 100 kilograms or 10 square metres of asbestos waste for you, the contractor must notify the EPA about the movement of asbestos  via the Integrated Waste Tracking Solution.

How much does asbestos disposal cost?

The cost of asbestos disposal varies between licensed disposal facilities. If you choose to remove small sections of asbestos yourself, you are responsible for disposal costs.

Do I need to make a booking to dispose of asbestos? 

Always phone ahead to the licensed landfill before you start asbestos removal. They can confirm if they can accept your asbestos waste and contaminated PPE.  

What you can't do with asbestos waste? 

It is illegal to: 

  • dump asbestos waste — it must go to a landfill licensed to accept it 
  • put asbestos in your kerbside bin 
  • put asbestos in an uncovered skip bin or skip bin not approved to hold asbestos  
  • reuse or recycle asbestos such as using it for building or fencing.

If you think you’ve spotted illegally dumped asbestos, don’t touch it. Report the asbestos to your local council or the NSW EPA Environment line on 131 555.