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Asbestos removal costs

​​​Removing asbestos can be costly, but it is worth it to remove the risks of asbestos in your home or workplace. 

Costs for removing asbestos depend on:  

  • the age of the building or object and how it was built 

  • how much asbestos needs to be removed  

  • if the asbestos is friable or non-friable.

Removing asbestos is more costly if not done properly.

Licensed asbestos removalists are trained to put safety first through planning, removal, decontamination, and disposal. They use specialist personal protective equipment (PPE) and must remove and dispose of asbestos waste legally and safely.  

Have your building inspected for asbestos before you start work to help plan for removal costs. 

Get a quote for asbestos removal

Find a licensed asbestos removalist to get rid of asbestos safely.
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Why is asbestos removal expensive? 

The type and age of a building or object – including how it was built – influence how much asbestos there is to remove, and how much it costs.  

Removing asbestos from a backyard shed may be cheaper than from a kitchen. A project inside the house has more risk of exposing people to asbestos.  

The safety risk of asbestos also increases the cost, especially when friable asbestos is involved. Your health is always worth the price. 

The cost of removal is also linked to disposal. Licensed landfills have special requirements, and they may not be located close to you. 

What is an asbestos assessment? 

A licensed asbestos assessor can inspect your property to help you plan for asbestos removal and managing asbestos risks in your home. 

Make sure your assessment includes underfloor and roof spaces. Licensed assessors should also take samples and provide a report to show the location and condition of asbestos. 

A licensed asbestos assessor can inspect your property

How do I get a quote to remove asbestos? 

If you have confirmed there is asbestos in your home, get a quote from your nearest licensed asbestos removalist.