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Local council planning and regulation

Local councils in NSW are responsible for managing asbestos in their local government area (LGA).

They develop plans, policies and services to reduce the risk of asbestos in the community, and have regulatory responsibilities across planning and development. Local councils also educate and support their communities to safely and legally dispose of asbestos. 

Renovating your home?

If you think it might be asbestos, treat it like it is. Find out how to identify asbestos.
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How are local councils part of asbestos management? 

Local councils have management responsibilities to: 

  • provide safe waste disposal services 

  • educate people about the risks of asbestos in older homes 

  • check the risk of asbestos in development applications for renovation and demolition 

  • assess and approve developments on land 

  • write policy and processes for: 

How do NSW local councils enforce asbestos regulations? 

To enforce asbestos regulations, councils may: 

  • require specific asbestos-related work as a condition of development approval 

  • issue orders to keep homes and land safe  

  • order a clean-up or prevention work 

  • audit demolition works involving asbestos 

  • investigate and prosecute illegal dumping of asbestos.  

When to contact your local council 

Before you start any renovation, building or ground work, check with your local council about what you need to do.

Talk to your council if you: 

  • suspect or confirm asbestos in your home or on your land 

  • plan on renovating or rebuilding an older property 

  • need to remove asbestos from your property 

  • find asbestos-containing materials or naturally occurring asbestos in your area.