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Removal and disposal of asbestos

There are regulations and laws in NSW for asbestos removal and disposal. 

You can remove asbestos in your own home yourself. But we strongly recommend that you use a licensed asbestos removalist to do the job safely. If you do it yourself, follow strict safety precautions and use protective gear (PPE) through removal, disposal and decontamination.  

Asbestos removal is a health risk.  You can remove asbestos safely if you follow the steps.  

Tradespeople or other workers on your property must comply with NSW regulations and laws to keep everybody safe. This means there are limits on how much asbestos a tradesperson can remove without a licensed professional.

How to safely remove asbestos?

A professional removalist wearing protective gear removing super six sheeting

Asbestos removal is a health risk. You can remove asbestos safely if you understand:  

  • planning

  • strict safety standards

  • decontamination

  • disposal.

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How much does asbestos removal cost?

A magnifying glass looking at a close up of super six sheeting

The cost of removing and disposing of asbestos depend on the age, condition of the asbestos, and volume of materials.

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How can I safely remove asbestos?

Couple sitting on floor in room with ladder and packing boxes

A licensed asbestos removalist knows how to safely remove and dispose of asbestos, then decontaminate your property to minimise health risks. 

If you choose unlicensed asbestos removal in your own home, you must follow strict safety procedures before, during, and after removal.  

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How do I safely dispose of asbestos waste?

Professional removalists wrapping and sealing asbestos waste in plastic sheets.

You must take asbestos waste to a landfill that’s licensed to accept it. Contact the landfill before you go, to check procedures.  

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