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This Asbestos Checker contains general information.

Get a licensed asbestos assessors to check out your property. Get a licensed removalist to remove asbestos and dispose of asbestos safely.

Adhesives, dry powder mixes and asbestos

Asbestos can be found in adhesives like grout, sealants, putties and dry powder mixes.

Types of adhesives containing asbestos include:

  • asphaltic cutback - a black adhesive used beneath vinyl tiles and flooring
  • cement, furnace or stove cement - used in areas exposed to extreme heat:  boilers, stoves, chimneys, kilns, refractories, manufacturing plants.
  • duct adhesive - looks like duct tape or a sprayable adhesive. Used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • emulsion - used to bond wood to synthetic laminates like roofing or floor tiles
  • fibrous - a liquid adhesive applied with a brush or sprayer. The adhesive can break down over time and release asbestos-containing dust
  • lagging - a water-based adhesive used in heating and cooling systems to seal ducts and ventilation corridors
  • mastic – a liquid or glue used in construction, heating and air industries
  • sealants - used to join roofing materials.

      Where was it used

      Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Community infrastructure and spaces, Agricultural & horticultural


      Fireplace, Walls, Ceiling and ceiling spaces, Doors, Windows, Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Floors and floor coverings, Mouldings and moulded products, Plumbing and drainage, Plant and machinery, Electrical and power boxes, Garage, sheds and dog kennels, Roofs and eaves,  Fences, Garden and backyard 

      Known uses

      To glue down floor tiles and carpet, fix wood to synthetic laminates and prevent leaks.

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      Unsealed asbestos cement sheeting and asbestos-containing crumbling grout exposed after tiles fall off the wall
      Asbestos cement sheeting behind tiles, and asbestos-containing adhesive
      Asbestos cement material in tile adhesive and grout
      Asbestos-containing adhesive under vinyl and carpet. The floor also contains asbestos cement
      Asbestos-containing, light-coloured hessian underlay  
      Asbestos in grout around wall and floor tiles
      Tiles glued with asbestos containing adhesive and grout