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This Asbestos Checker contains general information.

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Carpet underlay and glue and asbestos

Some carpet underlays re-used hessian bags that contained friable asbestos. The asbestos in the underlay may be friable.

Glues and adhesives used on carpet underlay may have contained non-friable asbestos.

Other types of carpet underlay, like rubber and foam, do not contain asbestos.

Where was it used

Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Community infrastructure and spaces


Floors & floor coverings

Known uses

Carpet underlay


Carpet underlay containing asbestos is likely to be brown and look like a fibrous mat. It’s likely to be compacted under the carpet as it was often glued to concrete floors or stapled to timber floors.

Non-Friable asbestos was also added to the glue used on carpet underlay. It usually looks like a black bituminous dried adhesive.

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Carpet underlay