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This Asbestos Checker contains general information.

Get a licensed asbestos assessors to check out your property. Get a licensed removalist to remove asbestos and dispose of asbestos safely.

Eaves and asbestos

Roof eaves that meet or overhang the walls of a building were made from non-friable (bonded) asbestos sheeting until the mid 1980s. Signs the asbestos has broken down include discolouration, cracking or splitting. Do not drill into the eaves as it can release asbestos fibres.

Where was it used

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Community infrastructure and spaces, Agricultural and horticultural


Roofs and eaves, Walls, Plumbing and drainage

Known uses

Eaves, internal or external soffits, fascia.

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Asbestos cement eaves that are well-maintained
Asbestos cement eaves that are well maintained
Flat asbestos cement eave and corrugated asbestos cement cladding
Asbestos cement eaves and exterior cladding
Hardiflex soffit sheeting with drilled diamond pattern. The asbestos cement is newly painted and well maintained.
1970s brick apartment building with asbestos cement eaves. Paint has peeled, exposing asbestos cement.
Brick home with damaged fibro eavesĀ 
Brick home with damaged fibro eaves