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This Asbestos Checker contains general information.

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Imitation brick cladding and asbestos

Imitation brick cladding was usually nailed onto asbestos cement sheeting. The cladding itself may or may not contain asbestos. 

Where was it used




Known uses

Internal and external cladding attached to asbestos cement sheeting. 

Also known as

Fake brick, asbestos brick veneer 


The texture is not as rough as real brick. 

1 of 5 images

Close-up of asbestos cement cladding that looks like bricks. The asbestos cement sheeting is shown
Asbestos cement sheeting behind fake bricks
Close-up of fake brick cladding on the broken exterior window ledge showing asbestos cement sheeting behind fake brick
Exterior wall with deteriorating fake brick cladding
Exterior asbestos cement cladding that looks like bricks, and asbestos cement eaves