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This Asbestos Checker contains general information.

Get a licensed asbestos assessors to check out your property. Get a licensed removalist to remove asbestos and dispose of asbestos safely.

Vinyl floor tiles and covering and asbestos

Vinyl flooring containing asbestos comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns.  

Vinyl is durable, so asbestos-containing vinyl tiles and floor coverings are likely to still be in many Australian homes built prior 1990. 

Where was it used

Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Community infrastructure and spaces 


Floors and floor coverings, Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Garage, sheds and dog kennels

Known uses

Floor tiles, vinyl flooring sheets, plastic tiles, lino or linoleum. 

Also known as

Floor tiles, Vinyl floor, Plastic tiles, Lino or linoleum 


Vinyl flooring that contains asbestos looks exactly the same as vinyl flooring without asbestos. 

If you suspect vinyl flooring contains asbestos, get help from a licenced asbestos assessor. 

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Commercial vinyl floor covering that contains asbestos in the backing
Asbestos-containing backing on vinyl floor covering in a kitchen. Covering is ifting at the base of the cupboard
Vinyl floor covering in a kitchen and laundry showing the asbestos-containing backing
Vinyl floor covering that adjoins carpet
Vinyl flooring used as shelf liner in bathroom
Lino floor tiles
Lino floor tiles that are lifting
Vinyl floor covering