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Ceilings and ceiling spaces

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Adhesives, dry powder mixes and asbestos

Asbestos can be found in adhesives like grout, sealants, putties and dry powder mixes used in many places like windows, bathrooms and kitchens.
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Cement sheeting and asbestos

Asbestos cement sheeting can feel hard and brittle. Asbestos cement sheeting is white to grey in colour. It is usually flat and smooth, and may be painted or have dimples like a golf ball on one side.
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Door, window, cornice & joining strip mouldings and asbestos

Strip mouldings can have plain or rounded (spigoted) edges, including louvre blades. A round nail may be visible on the strip, usually just above the surface.
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Fire dampers and asbestos

Fire dampers used to prevent fire in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts may contain asbestos. Fire dampers are used in walls and ceilings, often in the duct system, to create sections that stop fire spreading.
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Loose fill asbestos insulation

Loose-fill asbestos insulation is usually white to grey. It is loose and friable. It may have been poured out of bags between beams or sprayed over roofing beams and be found in wall cavities, sub-floors and other parts of the home. 
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Low density asbestos fibre boards

Low-density asbestos fibre boards look similar to asbestos-containing <cement sheeting> or plaster board. They were used as wall and ceiling panels, particularly in areas of high humidity. They were often painted white. The fibre boards are quite soft – you can leave a mark with your fingernail.  
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