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Floors and floor coverings

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Adhesives, dry powder mixes and asbestos

Asbestos can be found in adhesives like grout, sealants, putties and dry powder mixes used in many places like windows, bathrooms and kitchens.
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Bituminous membrane and asbestos

Bituminous membrane is a thin, flexible black sheeting, used for waterproofing or dampening sound. The sheeting contains bitumen with added asbestos.
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Carpet underlay and glue and asbestos

Some carpet underlays re-used hessian bags that contained friable asbestos. The asbestos in the underlay may be friable.
Glues and adhesives used on carpet underlay may have contained non-friable asbestos.
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Cement sheeting and asbestos

Asbestos cement sheeting can feel hard and brittle. Asbestos cement sheeting is white to grey in colour. It is usually flat and smooth, and may be painted or have dimples like a golf ball on one side.
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Compressed high-density floor sheets and asbestos

Compressed high-density floor sheets were used to build floors over timber or steel floor joists. Ceramic tiles covered over the sheeting to finish the floor.  
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Concrete slabs and asbestos

Concrete slabs can contain various forms of asbestos.
Powdered asbestos was mixed with cement to reduce cracking. Broken pieces of asbestos cement sheeting were used as filler in concrete.
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